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Build the Church in Chad:

Create local jobs & bring healing to the community

We need to raise $20,700 to finish construction on the church hall. This will create local jobs and bring physical, spiritual and social healing to the community. 


One year to raise $20,700 to finish the Church hall.

At the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Moundou, Chad, Divine Word Missionaries serve over 3,000 parishioners, bringing them access to the sacraments and helping them to cope with the challenges that arise from extreme poverty in the region. 

In 2019, we began building our parish hall, but ran out of funds and had to halt construction when COVID hit. The remaining work will happen in three phases and will be completed by members of our community, which brings stability to the local economy. Learn more about each phase by clicking below. 

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Framing and Roofing = $6,800

Finish the framing on the partially completed walls and roof, and install the roofing.

Plastering, Layering and Electrical Installation = $5,300

Several layers of plaster will be applied to the walls to ensure a strong structure for years to come. Our local technicians will also install the electrical work in the building so we can have lights.

Doors, Windows, Ceiling, Tables, Chairs, Painting and Transport = $8,600

The final phase of the project will include all the finishing touches: the installation of doors and windows, finishing the ceiling, painting, purchasing tables and chairs, and the transportation costs to move these materials.


a place of healing and hope for the community.

In Chad, dire poverty makes life very challenging. Many people lack basic essentials such as running water, electricity, food and access to quality health care. Parents struggle to care for their children and child education rates are very low. Many parishioners also struggle with alcoholism or suffer from illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. 

The Sts. Peter and Paul parish is more than a place of spiritual healing—it represents hope and relief from physical suffering and social isolation. This hall will also allow us to hold catechesis classes for the more than 3,000 catechumens preparing for the sacraments. 

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Our goal is to raise $20,700 to complete construction on the parish hall in Moundou, Chad. Every donation brings us closer to having a permanent home for our parishioners and provides reliable work for laborers in our community. 



The hall is built, help us pay the final bills!


Help finish the parish hall & create local jobs.

When you give to this project, you not only help a spiritual community in need, but you also provide a living wage for many parishioners in the community.

“What's interesting is that the manpower—in terms of masons, carpenters, painters, electricians, daily labourers, as well as women for cooking food and drawing water as work is in progress—is generously made available by our own parishioners, who are quite aware that they are building their parish hall for their parish community.”

Father Thierry Koula, Pastor of Sts. Peter and Paul

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