Dear Mission Friend,

Jorge, Zach, and Carl are only three of the more than 850 young men now preparing to answer the call as Divine Word Missionaries.

We operate 41 seminaries around the world, and the cost for this education and formation is staggering.

On average, it costs $40,000 to support the religious training for each of these young men.



We cannot continue this important level of formation without your friendship and help. Please give a gift today to assist Jorge, Zach, Carl and all their brethren in their formation to fulfill their call to serve as the next generation of Divine Word Missionaries, ready to go out to all the world to preach God's word and minister to His people.

Yours in the Divine Word,




Bro. Dan Holman SVD
Mission Director

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In addition to supporting us financially, you can also help us make an impact by spreading the word about this campaign and sharing this page with your friends and family.

Invest in the future of the priesthood and religious life!

"[God] always exceeds our expectations and takes us far beyond where we think we can go. Books can teach us facts and figures, but life as a missionary has brought me closer to the reality of other people. Much more so than facts and figures, it is sharing with people that influences our lives. ”

- Carlos Javier Villavicencio SVD