COVID19 — A new level of suffering and fear for the poor.

"The poor have no reserves and no insurance. Many families are already afraid of not having enough food." — Father Heinz Kulüke SVD


Support the Emergency Relief Fund

For the poor and vulnerable across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic has made the daily pain and suffering of many unbearable. 

Around the world, our missionaries are hurrying to support the disadvantaged by providing food, medicine and basic supplies. From the safety of our homes, we can bring hope to those who desperately need it.

While many in the USA worry about getting sick or losing our jobs, the poor worry about the number of days their children have gone without food.  

In this moment of great uncertainty, we ask for your support of our missionary work. Together, from our homes, we can help the impoverished rise from this crisis. By donating to this relief effort you can bring comfort to a mother who cannot feed her child and bring hope to a family that is struggling.

Help us raise $100,000 to support our emergency programs across the world.

Give Hope to the Poor

A gift today of $50 – $75 – $100 or more brings the promise of life to the farthest corners of the world where hope is nowhere to be found for the sick, the elderly and the homeless—except in the hearts of our missionaries.

In addition to supporting us financially, you can also help us make an impact by spreading the word about this campaign and sharing this page with your friends and family.

Emergency Report from India

Father Roy Thomas SVD writes: “India witnessed the seriousness of the COVID-19 crisis much later than many other countries. We were able to prepare the people living in the slums by increasing awareness and helping make and distribute masks.

“As the pandemic progressed, our missionaries with the permission of local governments, provided food and basic hygiene products to the poor. In our Bujah mission, we provided nourishing food and supplies to 1170 families across 10 villages.”

Emergency Report from the Philippines

Father Heinz Kulüke SVD writes: “All people are affected, especially the poor. Many of the poor families have lost their jobs and already low income as day laborers. The poor have no reserves and no insurance. The crisis has escalated so quickly that there was hardly any time to prepare for the current situation. Many families are already afraid of not having enough food. We are in the process of providing approximately 33,000 pounds of rice, canned sardines, and dried fish to the slums in Cebu to keep families in need afloat.”


Support our missions as they minister to the most vulnerable!

O my God, I hope in You, because You are infinitely  merciful, faithful and almighty.