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Meditation Writers

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Father Roger Enaje SVD

Father Roger Enaje SVD was born in Gubat in the Philippines and entered the Society of the Divine Word in 1992. He was ordained a Divine Word Missionary priest in 1997. He has been a faculty member at Divine Word College of San Jose and a hospital chaplain in addition to working in parish ministry at several churches in the Philippines. He is currently parochial vicar at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Rizal on Palawan Island.

visiting the sick

Father Ed Guarin SVD

Father Ed Guarin SVD was born in Juban in the Philippines in 1955. He was ordained a Divine Word Missionary priest in 1982.

Fr. Guarin has served in Paraguay and South Africa, but he has spent most of his vocation in his native Philippines working in formation at several seminaries. He is currently spiritual director at Christ the King Mission Seminary in Quezon City. Fr. Guarin earned a master’s degree in religious formation from Loyola University in Chicago.

Felmar during 51st International Eucharistic Congress-1-1


Father Felmar Fiel SVD

Father Felmar Fiel SVD was born in Davao del Sur in the Philippines and joined the Society of the Divine Word in 1998 immediately after graduating from high school. He was ordained a Divine Word Missionary priest on Dec. 6, 2008.

Fr. Fiel is currently active in communications ministry in the Philippines, helping to oversee three radio stations owned and operated by Divine Word Missionaries in Cebu City. The stations broadcast mostly religious programs. Fr. Fiel earned a master’s degree in development communication from the University of the Philippines in June 2018.


Father Anthony Salas SVD

Father Anthony Salas SVD was born in Bohol in the Philippines in 1969. He entered the Divine Word formation Center in Cebu City in 1986 and was ordained priest in 1997. He was sent to Vietnam for his first mission assignment in 1998.

He returned to the Philippines and has served in many missionary capacities. He has been a parish priest and vice president of academic affairs at the University of San Carlos. He was also director of the Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation – Integrated Development Center based in Cebu City.

He is currently the director for institutional planning and development at the University of San Carlos. He is actively involved in the organizing and strengthening of farmer cooperatives within the Agusan District.


Father Dominador Ramos SVD

Father Dominador Ramos SVD was born in 1957 in Butuan City in the Philippines. He was ordained a Divine Word Missionary priest in 1983 at Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay City. His first assignment was campus minister at Divine Word College of Laoag, beginning a long career with many leadership positions in secondary and higher education in the Philippines. He has done pastoral work as well.

Fr. Ramos earned a master’s degree in education from St. Louis University in Baguio City in 1998 and a doctorate in philosophy from Pangasinan State University in 2014. He has had several positions with the Philippines-North Province and is currently the provincial secretary and provincial coordinator for social communications. He is also chaplain at Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University.

Renato Solo

Father Renato Tampol SVD

Father Renato Tampol SVD was born in Leyte in the Philippines in 1966. He entered formation in 1991 and was ordained into the priesthood in 2000. He was first assigned to Zimbabwe, where he did pastoral work. Returning to Zimbabwe after a home leave, Fr. Tampol discovered his visa had not been renewed. He was reassigned to the Philippines and became finance and administrative officer of Divine Word Seminary in Tagaytay. He was transferred to Divine Word College of San Jose and is currently its president. Fr. Tampol also served as treasurer for the Philippines - Central Province.

Visiting the sick2

Father Virgil Alejandria SVD

Father Virgil Alejandria SVD was born in the Philippines in 1948. After graduating high school in 1966, he joined Divine Word Missionaries at Christ the King Seminary in Quezon City. He was ordained priest in Tagaytay City in 1976.

Father Alejandria’s first assignment was to Argentina. He arrived in Buenos Aires in December, 1977.  He did pastoral work there for five years. Returning to the Philippines in December 1982, he served as formator, pastor and chaplain of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, the “Pink Sisters.”

He was sent back to the Americas in the year 2000, working in Cuba, Nicaragua and Panama. A serious illness in 2007 caused him to return to the Philippines. At present, he is working as chaplain of Holy Name Medical Center in Tagbilaran City.


Father Jerry Orbos SVD

Father Jerry Orbos SVD was born in 1953 in San Carlos City in the Philippines. He was ordained a Divine Word Missionary priest in 1980.

He spent four years in South Korea as a missionary. After that, he worked as mission director in the Philippines until 2014. Fr. Orbos writes a regular Sunday column, “Moments,” in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. His columns have been collected into 15 books, including Shared Moments, Defining Moments and Happy Moments.


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