Requesting a Mass brings extraordinary graces to a specific person or special intention. Divine Word Missionaries are pleased to say a Mass—or several Masses—for your special intentions.

Remembering Our Departed Loved Ones on THE FEAST OF ALL SOULS.

As we approach the Feast of All Souls on November 2, now is the perfect time to request a Mass on behalf of a departed loved one. 

The Mass is a powerful prayer to offer for our loved ones who have passed from this life to the next. As Catholics, we believe souls who die in a state of sin go through a purification process before entering heaven. We offer Masses for our deceased loved ones to aid them in their journeys to their eternal reward. 

Pope Francis said that offering the celebration of the Eucharist for the dead “is the best spiritual help that we can give to their souls, particularly to the most abandoned ones.” 
Let us remember our deceased loved ones in a special way as this great feast approaches. Request a Mass on their behalf today. 

Divine Word Missionaries are honored to pray with you for your special intention.

  • Your Mass will be celebrated by our missionaries overseas.
  • Your offering supports our nearly 6,000 missionaries and the people they serve.
  • Mass requests are also available by calling 1-800-275-0626.

Please choose from our selection of Mass cards that can be sent to the honoree or a family member. We currently offer cards for birthdays, get well blessings, and the repose of a loved one’s soul.

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