Pray and journey alongside missionaries in the field through our monthly giving program.

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The Vineyard is a community of mission partners answering the call to pray and journey alongside our missionaries in the field while supporting them through
monthly giving.

“The kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard.”
Matthew 20:1

The Vineyard is full of people like you—parents, grandparents, young adults, and children—looking to make an impact throughout their everyday lives.

Your monthly gift, no matter the amount, sustains our life-saving programs and works hand-in-hand with our missionaries in the field.

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Community Benefits


Monthly Mass Intention & Unlimited Prayer Requests
Each month you can send a mass intention to be honored in a novena of Masses. You may also submit unlimited prayer requests.


A Spot on Our Chapel’s Giving Wall
Your name will be added to The Vineyard Prayer Plaque located in The Chapel of the Word at the Mission Center in Techny, Illinois.

Help the Poorest of the Poor
Because of your support: families are fed, children in poverty receive an education, orphans find a home, and the homeless are sheltered. 

Your Monthly Impact


Provide Predictable and Sustainable Revenue
Long-term revenue to support the work of Divine Word Missionaries.


Empower 6,000+ Catholic Missionaries
Support and empower the work of 6,000+ missionaries as they minister to the Body of Christ. 


Bring the Gospel to 84 Countries
Divine Word Missionaries are at work on every continent except Antarctica. Your gift continues this.


Member-Only, State of the Mission
Twice a year, our Mission Director provides all members of The Vineyard an update on project developments, mission success stories, and challenges in the field. This is a unique time for our members to unite with our director and gain more insight into what the Lord is doing with the Divine Word Missionaries.

There are currently

185 Members working
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Your Monthly Gift

In the parable of the vineyard, the laborers discovered that their worth was not measured by the size of their efforts but rather by their YES to working with Christ in the vineyard.

The Vineyard community takes the same approach. Whether it is $100 a month or $5 a month, every monthly giver is a treasured partner working alongside our missionaries through their monthly gift. 

Will you join us in The Vineyard?

The Impact of The Vineyard — Told by Our Missionaries

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fr. lawrence muthee

Fr. Lawrence Muthee, SVD - Tanzania

When I took over the Simanjiro mission, one of my goals was to help our catechists who regularly travel very bad roads to reach the faithful at all of our 28 outstations scattered over a 62-mile radius. This has been one of the biggest challenges to evangelization. Thanks to you, now 17 out of 22 catechists have brand new motorcycles.

I would like, on behalf of all the entire Simanjiro mission community and on my own behalf, to thank you all who have been helping us take the Gospel to the interior and remote places. You have made my ministry very fulfilling and have transformed the lives of many people. May our Good Lord continue to bless you. 

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